Cooperative Society: Jadavpur Coffee House Shuts After Fracas | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: Indian Coffee House on Jadavpur Central Road shut down on Friday following a fracas between some customers and the cooperative society of workers that runs the establishment.
According to a member of the society, a notice was issued on August 21 requesting regulars not to occupy seats and use laptops for long hours. This was challenged by regulars on the grounds that it had no legal validity. The cooperative society decided to shut it down on Friday after a customer tore down the notice.
Debalina Ghosh, a college teacher and a customer at the eatery for over two decades, decided to lodge a police complaint on Friday after the Coffee House workers pushed her during a commotion when she tore the notice.
Ghosh on Monday said she and other customers were willing to hold talks with the cooperative society about reopening it. But a member of the cooperative society said they had no immediate plans to reopen it. “We need assurance from some customers that they will abide by certain rules to help us to run the Coffee House smoothly else we can’t reopen the Coffee House doors,” a member said.

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