Cooperative Society: Jadavpur Coffee House Shuts After Fracas | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: Indian Coffee House on Jadavpur Central Road shut down on Friday following a fracas between some customers and the cooperative society of workers that runs the establishment. According to a member of the society, a notice was issued on August 21 requesting regulars not to occupy seats and use laptops for long hours. This was challenged by regulars on the grounds that it had no legal validity....

One more single-screen theatre shuts shop in central Kolkata | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: One of the city's oldest single screen theatres, Intally Talkies, is permanently closing down. Tucked away on Dr Suresh Sarkar Road, the theatre used to draw a sizeable crowd for Hindi releases. However, footfall declined with time and the last nail on the coffin was the pandemic. The cinema never recovered from the Covid blow. Recently, its management informed the Eastern India Motion Pictures...

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