Vitamin B12 deficiency: Are you at risk? Know the warning signs


Vitamin B12 is one of the vitamins which our body requires to perform several functions like making red blood cells and DNA.

It also has a major role in the development of brain and nerve cells and hence are extremely essential for the generation of neurotransmitters.

Apart from having a key role in the central nervous system, vitamin B12 supports bone health, prevents osteoporosis and fracture risk.

Vitamin B12 also reduces the risk of macular degeneration, an eye disease that affects the central vision.

This vitamin also helps improve mood and signs of depression.

With so many functions, it is important to maintain the level of vitamin B12 in the body. Hence it is important to know the signs when the body lacks this vitamin so that you can replenish it.

Here are few warning signs of vitamin B12 deficiency in the body:


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