ClickFit 6.5 ft Baby Proofing Edge and Corner Guard Extra Thick for Kid Protection from Sharp Furniture (1)




Price: ₹1,999 - ₹199.00
(as of This 2m Safety Foam is Created by frustrated parents who didn’t like the product options that were available, we decided to make our own. Our full line of baby products are designed to solve everyday problems while not sacrificing the beauty of your home décor. ClickFit gives back to the future generations of India. A portion of every sale will go to help children and new moms in India who are less fortunate. Effortlessly Childproof Doors Without Leaving Them Unusable! Give Your Baby a Safer, Happier Childhood! A baby’s first steps are an exciting time in every parent’s life. Unfortunately, that means they’ll soon face a lot of potential danger. It’s always a good idea to baby proof walls and furniture, but thin, flimsy guards can still pose a threat.
Easy to Install: No tools? No problem! Featuring pre-applied adhesive, our baby guard foam edging and furniture corner protectors instantly stick to your walls, tables and cabinets. Simply measure the desired length, cut to size and adhere the foam into place.
Discrete Design: Style and safety don’t have to be mutually exclusive! Available in beautifully neutral colors, these wall corner protectors are a seamless addition to any home. Use multiple packs together to fit furniture of any size.
High-density furniture edge and corner cushion absorb impact and protect your child from the hard, sharp edges and corners in your home, work area, office, school, daycare, preschool, assisted living facility, senior housing, hotel, and more
Remember to clean and dry the surface before installing. Do not use on objects with a weak or easily removable finish , , , ,

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