Oscar winner MM Keeravani is down with COVID, reveals the travel and excitement have caught up with him – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

The extensive travel and the ongoing excitement in the USA leading up to the Oscars, seem to have taken their collective toll on maverick music maker MM Keeravani. He is now down with Covid.
“All the travel and excitement have caught up with me. I am down with COVID and under medication and complete bedrest,” Keeravani tells us.

He looks back at all the excitement leading up to the Oscars with exhaustion and exhilaration. “It was all very unreal. We would keep winning at every awards ceremony in the US. Naatu Naatu became a global phenomenon in no time at all!”

While he is still to decide what to do with his newly-earned global fame he knows what he is NOT going to do.

“No more Naatu Naatu compositions. I’ve never repeated myself in any of my compositions. I don’t intend to do so now, no matter how tempting the offer,” says Keeravani resolutely.

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