Met: Met predicts heat surge, temperature may cross 40°C by mid-week in Kolkata | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: The maximum temperature in Kolkata has been at a steady 36.5°C for three consecutive days since Thursday. However, the city is likely to witness a heat surge, with the temperature potentially crossing 40°C by Wednesday.
The Met office predicted a major surge in heat between April 10 and 15, when the possibility of rain in the city is exceptionally low. The rising heat will be accompanied by a fall in humidity, giving way to a spell of “dry heat”. The forecast for Sunday, however, indicates partly cloudy sky. The maximum temperature may climb to 37°C while the minimum may hover around 28°C.
The upcoming conditions may be favourable for a heat wave. The Met office will announce the likelihood of a wave about five days ahead of the approaching phenomenon. Until the RMC issues a further notice by April 15, citizens have been advised to take precautions, like staying hydrated and minimizing going outdoors during peak heat hours – from 11am to 4pm.

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