Mumbai: Maximum temperature at 36 degree Celsius, humidity soars; dry weather forecast | Mumbai News

MUMBAI: The city witnessed 'above normal' day temperatures on Sunday as maximum temperature recorded by the IMD's Santacruz observatory was 36.4 degrees. Day temperature recorded at IMD's Colaba observatory was 34.8 degrees. IMD, in its five-day forecast for the city, said that dry weather conditions are likely. Last week, the city recorded light rain activity owing to moisture incursion from the...

Met: Met predicts heat surge, temperature may cross 40°C by mid-week in Kolkata | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: The maximum temperature in Kolkata has been at a steady 36.5°C for three consecutive days since Thursday. However, the city is likely to witness a heat surge, with the temperature potentially crossing 40°C by Wednesday.The Met office predicted a major surge in heat between April 10 and 15, when the possibility of rain in the city is exceptionally low. The rising heat will be accompanied by a...

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