Kolkata weather: Mercury touches 36.5 degree Celsius, hottest day so far this year | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: Thursday turned out to be the hottest day so far this year with the maximum temperature breaching the 35°C mark. Following a two-degree jump, the mercury touched 36.5°C.
The rise in temperature signals the beginning of a hot spell, which is predicted to continue till mid-April. It would pave the way for a scorching and dry spell when the mercury might climb close to 40°C, said weathermen. The hot spell was likely to gradually turn more severe till at least April 15, Met office said.
Excluding one day in February, when the mercury had crossed 35°C, the temperature had remained below that mark so far, with an unusually cool March, according to Met officials.
The upcoming temperature rise is likely to come in two distinct periods – the first between April 6 and 9 and the second between April 10 and 15. Chances of rain during this period were extremely low except for possible minor isolated showers in north Bengal, the weather office said.
The Alipore Met officials said on Thursday that there was a reasonable chance of a heat wave in Malda and South Dinajpur during this period. Evaluating the conditions of the rising heat, the Met office will be able to forecast a heat wave up to five days before its onset.
For a heat wave to be declared, the conditions have to prevail for at least two consecutive days, according to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD).
The upcoming hot spell could be unique compared to other years as it is expected to be considerably dryer while normally April heat in Kolkata is accompanied with greater humidity. The dry heat, devoid of humidity, can cause discomfort as it would not easily lead to perspiration.
Regional Meteorological Centre (RMC) deputy director general Sanjib Bandyopadhyay said that the upcoming dry heat was likely to be tolerable for most people in the city but special care must be taken for children and the elderly to minimize discomfort.
“During the warm spell, many may experience dizziness, lethargy or a burning sensation. They should drink ample amount of water regularly and stay in cool places. None should exert themselves in the peak hours of the scorching weather – between 11am and 4pm. People are advised to engage in less strenuous activities during those hours,” said Bandyopadhyay.

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