Industrialists in Badlapur CETP install new technology to clean more effluents to reduce pollution in rivers | Thane News

THANE: Amid concerns over pollution levels in Ulhas and Waldhuni rivers, industries from Badlapur MIDC have come together to mitigate the situation. The industrialists who treats effluents to CETP plant, before MIDC releasing into either Ulhas or Waldhuni rivers, have installed an additional new technology called DAF (Dissolved Air Floatation) in their CETP plant.
Through this DAF technology, oils and greases as well as total suspended solids are widely removed to achieve treatment goals.
The new technology was made operational up by Badlapur Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) Association at CETP plant in presence of MIDC as well as MPCB officers.
Through this technology treated effluent will be 90% more clean which will further reduced pollution in rivers, said industrialists.
140 industries out of 291 discharging 7 MLD effluents per day to CETP will be more clean before discharging into river.
Earlier, the DAF technology was used by industries in Rajasthan and Tarapur.
Bhavik Shah, Chairman of Badlapur CETP Association said, “We have currently 291 industries in which 140 industries are discharging 7 MLD effluents to CETP for treatment and it treated in CETP by way of carrying out primary, secondary and tertiary treatment. The treated effluents after meeting the MPCB prescribed standards, pumped to MIDC collection sump and from there releases to river”.
Shah further said, “Through this new DAF technology effluents coming into CETP from industries first will get treated into DAF machine and after that treated effluents will be released into primary, secondary and tertiary treatment centres. The final treated effluents later after meeting the MPCB prescribed standards, pumped to MIDC collection sump will be finally released into river”.
To set up new technology, industries spend around Rs 1 crore and further they have planned to place order for multidisk screw press which can achieve significant dewatering.
Activists and NGOs have often blamed industries releasing effluents directly into Ulhas and Waldhuni rivers passes through Badlapur, Ambernath and Kalyan without treatment into CETP. It is also found that some tanker mafia illegally discharges effluents directly into river by transporting it from other MIDC resulting recently Traffic police has banned transportation of tankers during night time in Dombivli, Ambernath and Badlapur MIDC.
Another industrialists Sumeet Jain said, “The industries in Badlapur MIDC never discharges effluents to river directly but it is some miscreants who discharges effluents directly into river by transporting into tanker from other MIDCs and authorities even have caught them red handed several times”.

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