Exclusive! Neha Marda on premature delivery: I am yet to hold my daughter for long and gaze at her lovingly

Amidst reports of Neha Marda being hospitalised due to pregnancy-related complications around a week ago in Kolkata, we have now learnt that the Balika Vadhu actress has delivered a baby girl. She says, “My BP became a concern soon after I got pregnant, and it went erratic in the fifth month. Our doctor had prepared us for it in advance. Complications were expected but fortunately, everything went about fine. I am glad the phase is over, and I have been blessed with a beautiful daughter. Both of us are doing fine.”
The mother and her newborn are still in the hospital. She adds, “I am hoping to be discharged by the end of this week and my daughter in a fortnight. I am yet to hold my child and gaze at her lovingly. She was with me briefly before she had to be moved to NICU being a premature baby. She has to put on some weight.”

Neha with her husband Ayushman Agarwal and their daughter

Has she zeroed in on a name for the newest member of the family? “We are contemplating a couple of names. In our family, it’s the bua’s (sister-in-law) job to name the child and we have been busy sending our requests to her. I am sure she will do a great job at it. We are looking at a name that starts with A. Just like the first letter in the alphabet, I hope my daughter always stands out in life (smiles). For now, it’s celebration time for us,” she replies.
The actress, who tied the knot with Patna-based businessman Ayushman Agarwal in February 2012, advises women to embrace motherhood at an early age. “Taking from my experience, I would say that if you really want to be a mother, don’t wait. Do it in your 20s or early 30s for a less complicated experience. Motherhood doesn’t change anything,” she concludes.

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