Chang Jae-Bok: South Korean ambassador performs puja for new car in Delhi

NEW DELHI: The Korean Embassy in India recently held a puja ceremony to mark the arrival of official vehicle for the ambassador. A brand new car, Hyundai Genesis GV80, has been chosen as the official vehicle for the ambassador and a ceremonial puja was performed for good luck.
Sharing a video from the puja ceremony on X, formerly Twitter, the embassy wrote, “We are delighted to have a new Hyundai Genesis GV80 as the ambassador’s official vehicle and held a puja ceremony wishing for good luck! Join our embassy’s new journey!(sic)”

In the video, a priest can be seen performing puja according to hindu rituals. The South Korean Ambassador to India, Chang Jae-bok, was also present at the ceremony.
While performing a puja on the black Hyundai car, the priest also tied a sacred thread around the wrist of the ambassador.

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