House of Quirk Foldable Storage Box Drawer Divider Organizer Closet Storage for Socks Bra Tie Scarfs – Beige,Set of 4,Standard,34 x 31 x 4 Cms, Fabric

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Product Highlights Set of four different sized drawer organizers Modern design with flexible fabric Compartment space- 6 in each High quality non-woven polypropylene fabric Easy to fold Easy to wash

House of Quirk Set of 4 Innerwear Organizer

House of Quirk brings to you Storage Box, Drawer Organizer which makes life very simple for you. These set of 4 foldable drawer organizers is flexible for your home use. With four different sized boxes and various compartments, you can make getting dressed in the morning quick. The non-woven polypropylene fabric style makes it easy to guard against moisture, moths, mold. It can easily be cleaned with a wet towel and can be kept on a flat surface to dry. Be sure that all folds are wiped down to remove any residual moisture. They can also be sprayed with disinfectant, or spot cleaned with paper towels.

Foldable and Portable

Simply remove the side supports and the House of Quirk wardrobe organizer folds up into a lightweight, compact size. Use only what you need and store the rest. The foldable design also allows the organizer to be easily transported. Going on a long vacation? Why not bring a few organizer crates along to combat inadequate hotel clothing storage?

Smooth and Stylish

Our wardrobe organizer is made from an bamboo-based rayon fabric. It’s non-woven so it resists moths, mold, mildew, and moisture. You can store the crates anywhere, confident that they will last a lifetime. We designed the organizer with a neutral beige color so that the colors and patterns of your clothes are accentuated, allowing you to view them in a beautiful display.

Quality material

Made of high quality non woven polypropylene fabric with meticulous stitching for great durability and strength. The fabric is also moisture proof and mould proof to keep your garments safe and protected.

Compact sizes

The compact size of each drawer/storage box provides for an easy storage .in your cupboard shelves or anywhere that you feel convenient. You can also easily fold them and keep them away when not in use.5 cell: 15x12x5″”

6 cell:13×6.5×3.5″”

8 cell: 11x6x4″”

20 cell: 12.5×12.5×3.5″”

Colorize your Wardrobe

In the journey of organizing your life, the first step is the most difficult. But once you start down that path, you won’t want to look back. So don’t wait, get started today with the House of Quirk wardrobe organizer!

Stylish yet Spacious

This modern and stylish looking set of storage box/drawer organizers by House of Quirk is a perfect space saver for your home that also helps save time and efforts of finding your clothes.An ideal gifting option for several occasions.

Meticulous stitching, durable product with high quality non-woven polypropylene fabric to keep your drawers neat at all times.
Ideal for socks,Ties,Underwear,Bras,Lingerie,Toys etc. Foldable when not in use.
Material is moisture proof and good permeability, so it always looks great and new.
Drawer dividers for crafts sewing supplies and jewelry , , , ,

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