Poverty, social inequality still remain because our efforts have turned out to be mere slogans: Tamil Nadu governor | Chennai News

COIMBATORE: Poverty and social inequality still remain because the efforts which have been taken so far have turned out to be mere slogans, Tamil Nadu governor R N Ravi said on Wednesday. According to him, poverty alleviation and social justice can be achieved only when the issues are approached with a sense of feeling and responsibility and the sufferers are considered.
The governor was speaking at an award function organised by the KG Foundation in Coimbatore to recognize prominent doctors and others.
“It pains me when I read a newspaper report that human excreta put into a water tank in a dalit colony and when a dalit panchayat present comes and tells me that we are not allowed to raise the national flag. What kind of social programmes do we have to remove the social discrimination?” he said.
“Very often people are abused because of their social status. Data suggests that only 7% of the rapists involving dalits as victims get convicted,” he said.
He said that gone are the days for the regressive politics of division. “We have to be inclusive, and we have to move forward as one family. With the help of young minds, India will be the leader of the world in 2047,” he said.

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