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Buying a plot, land, or a house is something that many people dream of achieving. And in order to make their dreams come true, numerous individuals work tirelessly throughout their lives. Despite that, purchasing a home or land at decent prices can be a task. Highlighting the same, recently, an IIT Bombay alumnus, Kalpit Veerwal took to X to share how five crore is the new one crore and how difficult it can be to find a plot of land. Soon after his post was shared, it started a debate among users on X.

Snapshot of Kalpit Veerwal who wrote about land prices.(X/@Kalpit Veerwal)
Snapshot of Kalpit Veerwal who wrote about land prices.(X/@Kalpit Veerwal)

“Five crore is the new one crore. Can’t even get a decent plot of land in one crore anymore (in metros, it’s not even a decent flat),” wrote Kalpit Veerwal in his post. (Also Read: As 36% of students fail to get placed in IIT Bombay this year, people raise concerns over employment)

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Take a look at the IIT-Bombay alumnus’ post here:

This tweet was shared on April 3. Since being posted, it has gained more than 70,000 views. The post also has close to 1,000 likes and numerous comments. Several people flocked to the comments section of the post and shared their opinions on his tweet. (Also Read: IIT Bombay graduate criticises aspirant’s gruelling schedule for IIT-JEE prep, says ‘never studied this hard’)

Check out how X users reacted to the post:

An individual wrote, “No, it really depends on what you ‘want”. One can get a house in 1.5 crore vs five crore in the same locality.”

A second said, “The more you have, the more you need. The less you have, the less you need. Seeing people struggling, salty and miserable at one crore. I also see people living their hearts out at 20 lac.”

“One crore is chump change, even in tier-4 cities like Dimapur. My dad and I sank 1.5 crores, just alone in setting the foundations for my new RCC building, but it was a marshy area,” posted a third.

A fourth added, “I’m from a very small town in West Bengal. Here, you can’t make a decent house if you don’t have one crore. The land price is too high. It was five lakh in 2020. Now it’s 40 lakh.”

A fifth shared, “Why would you assume that the value of one crore would stay stagnant? Of course, it would decrease with time. That’s how money works.”


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