Elephant calf cared for by Bomman and Bellie dies in Tamil Nadu | Coimbatore News

UDHAGAMANDALAM: ‘Elephant Whisperers‘ Bomman and Bellie lost their latest ‘baby’ at the Theppakadu elephant camp in the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve on Friday. The four-month-old elephant calf died of complications as it could not digest lactogen and due to the stress of separation from its herd.
The calf was found inside a well at Dharmapuri on March 9. Forest veterinarians and Bomman went there and took care of the calf for a week. They tried to return the calf to its herd, but in vain. Bomman and Bellie were then assigned to care for the calf.
MTR field director D Venkatesh said the calf was normal till Thursday noon. But by evening it had loose motion, which continued through the night. “A team of veterinarians treated the calf. But it died around 1am on Friday without responding to treatment,” Venkatesh said.
A preliminary autopsy report said the compromised digestive ability of the calf caused due to separation from its herd, a new environment and artificial milk led to the death. Veterinarians also found that there were signs of pneumonia in the lungs. Samples of the vital parts of the carcass were collected for lab tests. Later, Bomman and the forest staff performed rituals before burning the carcass inside the forest area.

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