Are you prepared to work until 65? India Inc takes cue from France | Business

Mar 30, 2023, 12:19PM ISTSource: ET Now

India Inc, like many organizations worldwide, is feeling the pressure to retain experienced talent in the face of a global skills shortage. A recent move to delay retirement benefits is just one example of how companies are seeking to reduce cash outflows while keeping valued employees on board. Some are even taking inspiration from France, where the retirement age has been gradually increased to 67 in response to the country’s aging workforce. By looking to France for guidance, India Inc hopes to implement similar measures that will allow experienced employees to continue working well into their golden years. However, not all companies are taking this approach. In fact, Tech Mahindra recently reduced its retirement age from 58 to 55 years to meet rising global demand for experienced leadership. While this move may seem counterintuitive, it highlights the complex challenges facing businesses in the modern era.

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