42,000 fined in 22 days as traffic police crack down in Chennai | Chennai News

CHENNAI: The traffic police have booked and fined nearly 42,000 violators in the last 22 days, deploying personnel at key junctions to photograph the offences. Of these, 17,043 were booked for not complying with the stopline rule, 13,484 for not wearing helmets, 7,564 for riding on the wrong side and causing hindrance to motorists, 3,511 for jumping signals and 1,103 for riding/driving with defective number plates. Members of the last category were also told to change the number plates on the spot.
Police had earlier this month intensified the crackdown on traffic violations, with each policeman/woman on the field asked to capture at least five offences on their mobile phones every day mainly of stop-line violations, people riding pillion without helmets, three or more people riding a two-wheeler and vehicles defective number plates.

As instructed by additional commissioner (traffic) Kapil Kumar C Saratkar, the personnel on the field were capturing the photographs of the offenders on their mobile phone cameras and uploading them in the system along with the time, date and place before a case under the MV Act was registered.
This is done even when there is just one policeman/woman posted at a junction and he/she also has to regulate the flow of vehicles. Currently, there are 312 traffic signals of which 186 are remotely operated. “We felt that discipline was lacking among motorists mainly at junctions.
Since the personnel posted at the junctions will be busy operating the signals and manning the traffic, the violators go scot free. So we decided to tighten the checks and this is proving effective,” said Saratkar.
Deputy commissioner (traffic, east) Samay Singh Meena said offences such as stopline violations create a big hindrance, mainly to motorists. “Deployment of constables to capture such violations on their mobile phones has disciplined motorists to a large extent,” he said.
Separately, in a special drive against drunk driving, the traffic police in the last two months disposed of as many as 7,286 pending cases and collected 7.5 crore in fines. Already, at least 359 warrants have been issued by the courts concerned for attachment of property in lieu of fine amounts.

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