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13 aphorisms for our age by Shashi Tharoor and Joseph Zacharias

'The Less You Preach The More You Learn'In the new book 'The Less You Preach The More You Learn: Aphorisms for Our Age', Dr. Shashi Tharoor and his co-author Joseph Zacharias share their witty yet wise observations about life. Here we list down some aphorisms from the book, published with permission from Aleph Book Company. Source link...

Tharoor: Disappointing to see Congress netas going to ‘dark side’: Tharoor | India News

BENGALURU: Congress MP Shashi Tharoor on Sunday expressed his disappointment at the defection of Congress leaders like Anil Antony, CR Kesavan and Kiran Kumar Reddy to BJP and wondered how they could cross over to the ‘dark side’.“I have always believed that politics is based on principles. While I believe each person has a right to change their mind and their party, there must be some principles....

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