STEM Field: Proposed H-1B rule: Helping international students navigate cap-gap

MUMBAI: International students on an F-1 (study visa) seeking to change their status to a H-1B (non-immigrant work visa) stand to gain from the flexibilities in proposed H-1B modernisation rules, released on Friday night.International students on completion of their qualification and eligible for an optional practical training (OPT), this is for one year and students hailing from the STEM(science,...

A researcher who helps young Indians navigate through green card journey in US

When Dr Aditi Paul, a researcher and author who works at the intersection of technology, psychology and human communication, decided to move to Michigan from Kolkata for a PhD, she was not thinking about the big picture of her career path but was focused on the immediate next step – getting an F-1 student visa. And after she joined the programme, it was about the step after that. “When I graduated,...

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