Dr Smith Wooden Single Seater Sofa Chair (Fabric, Green)


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Price: ₹18,999.00 - ₹8,999.00
(as of DR SMITH STORE Present this elegant fabric sofa for your home comfort needs. It is highly durable and has been tested for backrest and seat. It is also highly stable and has been tested for armrest strength with 40 kg for 10,000 cycles. It has passed more than 30 quality and safety tests and is free from harmful chemicals like With a light weight for easy shifting and good ground clearance for easy cleaning underneath, sit back and relax in this comfortable fabric sofa from DR SMITH STORE
Perfect product for compact living rooms to add a dash of colour to your living room
Foam -::- UPHOLSTERY MATERIAL- Premium Fabric -::- SEATING CAPACITY- 1 seater
The sofa delivered to your door steps direct from our factory, at our factory price ( free delivery ) , , ,

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