Dr Smith Two Seater Folding Sofa Cum Bed for Home (Blue Color) with Washable Cover, (4×6 Feet)



Price: ₹9,999.00 - ₹5,999.00
(as of Dr Smith sofa cum bed furniture manufactured using good quality products This Sofa cum bed is ideal for bachelor and homes and can handle the rough and tumble of daily life well. The furniture can be easily moved around the house. Its so lightweight even kids can do it. It is boon when you have imminent guests coming over or you need a furniture for a growing up kid. The Sofa covers come in more than 10 colors and 4 different fabric options which means there is something for everyone here. They are spot cleanable or dryclean friendly., the sofa com bed is soft, comfortable and easy to set up. You would be surprised that this lightweight yet sturdy piece of furniture has quite a few uses the ideal solution for saving space with minimal effort and time, the unit is functional with its sleek appearance and helps you maintain a clutter free home. Besides a Bed/Sofa, you can use this as a Lounger for watching movies and a study on the floor table too. Though the covers are washable, we have also made available many cover designs which you can get when you are in a mood to change the look of this furniture Dr Smith
Comfort Level :Adequate Designed Such that it is aptly firm when you sit and aptly soft when you sleep
Includes a removable and machine-washable outer cover!
Washable Fabric – Sofa covers are washable and easy to maintain like new
Sofa bed assembly instructions:- Open the packaging, place it on the floor. Rotate anticlockwise for sofa and clockwise for mattress
The sofa delivered to your door steps direct from our factory, at our factory price ( free delivery ) , , ,

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