Aart Store Moshi Fabric One Seater Sofa Cum Bed Perfect for Guests- with Washable Cover (Red, 3′ X 6′ Feet)



Price: ₹18,999.00 - ₹5,999.00
(as of Aart store brand new 3 in 1 sofa cums bed furniture which has a flocking surface and is filled with superior high-quality soft foam to achieve a more comfortable sitting as well as sleeping. You would be surprised that this lightweight yet sturdy piece of sofa cum bed furniture has quite a few uses the ideal solution for saving space with minimal effort and time, the unit is functional with its sleek appearance and helps you maintain a clutter-free home. Besides a Bed/Sofa, you can use this as a Lounger for watching movies and a study on the floor table too. Though the covers are washable, we have also made available many cover designs which you can get when you are in a mood to change the look of this furniture.It’s innovative quarter fold design; you can unfold it when you need. Besides a cozy sofa, it can also be used as a bed. It is suitable for apartment, flats, living room, office areas. Features:Innovative 3 in 1 sofa cum bed furniture, easy setupUse as a comfortable cozy sofa or a cozy bedGreat solution small living space, apartment, flats and officeBetter options for video gaming, playing, reading a book, watching movies, sitting and sleeping.Washable cover for convenient cleaningPerfect for Home/OfficeAart store offers the perfect solution for guest bedrooms, studio apartments, playrooms, office and other small living areas where saving space is important.
Weightless: With good floor clearance for easy shifting and tidying up it is very easy to use
Washable Fabric – Sofa covers are washable and easy to maintain like new
It is sturdily built offering quality, hardiness, and comfort for long-lasting use
Use it as a sofa in the daytime and as a bed at night
Inflexibility level: Medium-Soft on sitting and Dual Comfort on sleeping
Sofa bed assembly instructions: Open the packaging, place it on the floor. Rotate anticlockwise for sofa and clockwise for mattress , , ,

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